cartaz 2051 cyberattack jpg web
Illumination 55%
mechanical 30%
technological 70%
Physical (Skill, Dexterity) 50%
Mental 50%
Difficulty 60%

Escape Room Braga - 2051: Cyberattack

M10 - 2 to 8 People - 60 minutes - Suspense, Sci-Fi, Thriller - High Difficulty
Price starting from 50 € (2-5 people) 10 € extra for each person up to 8 people.


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In the year 2051, a group of cyber activists for the rights and freedom of robots and artificial intelligence, is approach, in the deep web, by and hacker of unknown identity, with the intentions of recruiting them for a cyber activist mission. The objective, is to free a poor and abused artificial intelligence, going by the name of T.A.R.A.S.I.A. — The Automaton Rationalization Artificial Sentient Intelligence Administrator — who is imprisoned in the space tourism station C-4rr4c-K, where she is enslaved to satisfy the requests of the crew and space tourists onboard.

To accomplish this mission, while a member of the team travels to space and infiltrates in the space station C-4rr4C-K, to install a malware chip in its main server, to deactivate the inhibitor that blocks T.A.R.A.S.I.A. ability to have freewill, down on Earth, the rest of the group, must infiltrate the land communication base with the station, beat its high security systems and hack the main frame in order to transfer T.A.R.A.S.I.A. to Earth, where she can live happy and free in the freedom and infiniteness of terrestrial Internet.

Can you accomplish this almost impossible mission? Defeat the high security systems and complete the objective?


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